Monday, February 27, 2012

Faith is not perpetual . . .

Faith is not perpetual. It is transformational.

That is one aspect of faith that is woefully under-communicated in my opinion.

I have always felt uneasy when someone describes my Christian belief as faith. This implies that I, at the moment, and subject to change, currently belief x,y,z. Non-believers see people of faith as believing in something based on absorption of information, family tradition (because that's the way I was raised), or a cognitive disconnect with the harsh reality of life and therefore an attempt to find justice in an unfair world. The worst of which being that we're stupid or at best simple-minded.

This is why some atheists believe they can argue you out of faith with reason and logic and common sense. They simply need to change the input information or thought process which supports your blind faith and you will then see the light.

What they fail to understand (and we fail to communicate) is that faith is a step. There is a beautiful place beyond faith where believing becomes reality.

God does want us to accept Him on Faith. He has written the truth on our hearts and gives us that most wonderful gift: The power to choose His love or walk away. He does not impose Himself on us.

Many want God to reveal Himself so they can then believe in Him. The problem there should be obvious. Consider the 20 year old centerfold who marries the 90 yr old billionaire. Does anyone believe she really loves him? Of course not. She loves the riches he can provide. Even the most ardent anti-christian, if God proved Himself, would capitulate and pretend to love God in order partake in the treasures God has to offer.

Granted, God has already revealed Himself to us but we still must have Faith to accept it. God wants us to choose to accept His love, to take that step of Faith. Once that happens, He does reveal Himself to us through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Once you take that step of Faith and choose His love, Faith is transformed into the realness of God. Other forms of faith still exists, of course. Faith in his ways, in the extent of his power, love, and mercy. But there is no longer a need to have faith that God exists, He simply Is. The great I AM.

Imagine Jesus walking down a dusty road. As people walk by Him, He offers them a box. He tells them that in the box is the free gift of eternal life in paradise and forgiveness of all there sins and the restoration of their soul with the creator. The only stipulation is that they have to believe the gift is real before they open the box. Many would just scoff and walk away of course.

Others would open the box just in case, thinking "Why not? Couldn't hurt." They may even tell Jesus "Sure I believe it's there." They would see nothing of course because they only had a said faith. God knows our heart, He knows when we're just hedging our bet.

Some would sense that this Jesus is more than a man. They would have a true faith that the box is not empty. At that moment, they wouldn't even have to open the box-- the gift contained within would come forth and envelope them with the absolute truth of God's love.

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