Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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I used to ponder what I'd do if I had to go to war. Killing a foreign soldier on the battlefield would have been tough for me. I would have done it, but it would have came with a heavy price on my conscience.

However, I'm pretty sure I could have killed b.l. Killing a counterpart soldier, who I have no beef with and who was drafted into a war and is just, like me, doing his duty is one thing. Killing Hitler, b.l., and the like is a different pot of gumbo all together. I think I'd sleep pretty good that night. Some may argue that it's not the Christian thing to do. Maybe so, but we all fall short, and that's the hill I'd fall short on.

Point 2. It's been argued that we shouldn't celebrate his death. Are you kidding me? Okay, I know what could be said: Jesus died for him too and all life is precious. Granted, but b.l. through his free will choices, chose to deserve a bullet to the head, chest, groin, etc.

Also, I'm not sure those who celebrated were necessarily celebrating a scumbag's death as much as they were releasing pent up anxiety and nervousness. Many Americans have been on edge for 10 years. They finally got a chance to let out a breath. Not an important issue for me.

Note: I must apologize. I shouldn't have called b.l. a scumbag. That's an unfair and horrible insult to bags full of scum.


Kat Heckenbach said...

I agree with you that b.l. "chose" to die a long time ago. He made the decision to turn from Christ--not just a little, but vehemently. That saddens Christ, for sure. Anyone turning from Him saddens Him. BUT, Christ also knows who will turn back, right? He knew b.l. would never do so. Therefore I don't think He's "more" saddened by b.l.'s death. Especially if it frees people who can and will turn back to Him.

I also don't see this as some huge gain. Yes, we got rid of one terrorist, but there will be someone to step in and take his place. This isn't over. We can't just relax now.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

That was my first reaction, too, Kat. They'll be someone else to fill the void. But, I've altered my view on that. ubl was apparently a very charasmatic personality cult type. This can't be underestimated. Only hitler could have gotten the German's so hell bent on taking over the world. It takes a unique personality to accomplish this. I think al queada is diminished.

Nicole said...

I choose to celebrate the efficiency and bravery of SEAL TEAM SIX, the CIA, and all those who put this mission together--it smacks of American Exceptionalism and the policies which stayed in place in spite of Obama's opposition to them and his politics.