Thursday, November 4, 2010

random political thoughts. . .

. . . from an introspective Conservative.

I like Sarah Palin but I don't think she'll ever be president. I personally can't take her accent. (I know that may sound crazy coming from someone with a Cajun accent.) She just doesn't sound Presidential enough. It is possible to sound like a regular American and a President. Reagan proved that. I'm not saying she should become robotic and monotone, but she should back off the Palinisms a little.

Before the election I predicted that if the Repubs win control of congress, President Obama would be guaranteed re-election. My reasoning was that it would follow the same model as the Clinton years. The 94-96 Republican congress balanced the budget and turned the economy around and Clinton got the credit and won re-election. But now I'm not sure. Dems still have the presidency and the senate. The house won't be able to control spending like they want to so unless the economy turns around despite what the government does, the President will not be re-elected.

Note to Shawn Hannity: Romney cannot win. He may be the most qualified candidate who ran last time, but a mormon cannot win. Evangelicals don't delineate between casual mormons and devout mormons. To most Christians, if you're a mormon, it means you believe in some crazy things. This is an insurmountable barrier. Unless . . . well if you want to know, ask in the comments.

Note about Hannity: He makes conservatives look bad. I really wish I could replace him. He does to the dems all the things he accused them of doing to the reps. He is not fair in the slightest. Completely blinded by his ideology. His only "talent" appears to be repeating what he hears Rush say without being entertaining. There are enough legitimate things to criticize the pres and dems for without castigating them for every innocuous thing they do.

I truly believe that if the President, while jogging by a burning house, ran inside, saved a puppy, and helped put out the fire, Hannity's narrative would be:

President caught at the seen of a fire molesting an animal and destroying public property with a water hose. The President is also a known smoker who carries a lighter. Authorities have not ruled out arson in the matter.

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