Friday, November 12, 2010

Instance 2

Confused? See the last post.

This one's pretty tame and similar to the last one. This time I'll use gender neutral "she" to refer to this editor.

At my first conference, I had 3 editor meetings. All three asked for a submission. Two fulls and a "3 chapter" request. All three meetings went well. In fact, they went great. The one that I thought went best was led to the "3 chapter" request. Of the two fulls, one publisher decided shortly later to drop their adult fiction line thus my submission was no longer appropriate. Tough break. The other led to pretty good experience. The publisher gave some great feedback, asked me to rewrite, I did, they considered for a while, and eventually passed. Really good experience. Because although they did passed, their interest and feedback provided me with some great affirmation that I was on the right track. Now about the 3 chapter request . . .

Still haven't heard. (And, no I don't expect to.) Don't worry. This doesn't bother me. But I do find the following curious. I ran into this editor at another conference several months later. I attended a class by this editor. Really good class, great info. I stayed after class to ask a follow up question to one of the topics brought up during the class. She answered and I then asked her about the submission. I politely asked if, as is quite common, a "no response" equals a "no" response. She assured me that it didn't and that she always responds. Always. Still haven't heard from her.

This is not a criticism of this editor. I really like her. These things happen. She also told me that if I didn't hear from her for a while to resubmit. I didn't resubmit because I had a couple of agents interested and decided it would be better if I let the agent submit to this editor. By the time interested agent after interested agent showed interest and passed, a couple of years had passed and I decided that too much time had gone by to take up the resubmit offer.

I know. Pretty tame, huh. I promise the next one is more interesting.

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