Tuesday, March 2, 2010


--The Saints superbowl euphoria is still going strong. Pat on the back for us: victory parade - 800,000 people, no burned police cars, riots, or looting.

Special shoutout to everyone who thought Brees was washed up when he hurt his shoulder and was shown the door in San Diego. I spent the first off season re-assuring my fellow fans that Brees was the answer. I never could understand why the Chargers kept looking for a QB when they had Brees. So he ain’t 6’4”, 220, with a 80 yd bullet pass. He’s a football player. I’ll take a football player like Brees or Flutie over a spec sheet player ( Jeff George ) anyday.

--For those of you who’ve read Tosca Lee’s Havah, I joked with her that I was working on a companion volume titled Adam. The same story from the male perspective. All I’ve got is the first line: It’s her fault….. Can’t really think of anything else to say.

That was a joke. I don’t blame Eve for Adam’s decision. The Bible says Adam was not deceived.

Actually, I love the idea. A scene by scene (almost) Adam version of Havah.

--I’m very hard to offend, but two words do cause me momentary involuntarily pause: the F-word and the N-word. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t stop reading and write the author a nasty gram. And I’ve uttered these words too many times in my life. The N-word, though my least favorite word in the English language, is necessary sometimes in novels. See Athol Dickson’s River Rising. (if memory serves)

--Just got a letter from the child I sponsor through Compassion. There was a drawing of a butterfly on it. For those of you who’ve read my novel, you can see why this caught my attention.


Glynn said...

I just finished reading River Rising last night -- and your memory serves you right. His use of the N-word was necessary. It took some kind of courage for Dickson to write that book.

And being originally from New Orleans, and watching the decades of losing teams, I look at the Saints -- and I smile. A big smile.

Tosca said...

Write the Adam book! Write the Adam book!

Nicole said...

Cool: a butterfly drawing. I'm always encouraged by the little things. Hope you are, too.

Yeah, tough call to write "the Adam".