Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get your ticket before it's too late . . .

I saw one of the best movies I've seen in a long time last night: The Book of Eli. Great performances and a great story. Not only is it a great movie, but (to use CBA debate venacular) it's one of the best Christian movies I've ever seen.

I personally didn't mind the language. It wasn't gratuitous or jolting, but it will prevent alot of people from the evangelical community from seeing it and that's a shame -- at least when it comes to ticket sales. This is a great movie with great commentaries on the Christian walk and the effect of Christianity on the social political aspects of the human condition.

The only drawback is that I was working on a very similar story for a novel. Foiled again. Now people will say "hey, he got that from The Book of Eli." They'll never know I thought about it two years ago. Oh well.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ruminations on the whole Tiger thing . . .

First a thought: My golf game has been awful lately. Maybe I should get married and cheat on my wife.

Tiger did not make a "mistake". His was a pre-meditated willful pattern of behavior.

Apparently I'm not human. I keep hearing variations of the phrase "proves he's human". I have never cheated on anyone: wife, girlfriend, even crushes. So I guess I'm not human. So what am I? Hmmm . . . quite the conundrum.

I've always been a reluctant Tiger fan. He is an incredible talent, but I've never liked the way he's treated the fans. I even rationalized it: That's just his personality. He's just trying to remain focused. etc. I've always theorized that he had an elitist streak. So I'll give him credit for admitting it in his apology speech. He seemed genuinely humbled. I hope this carries over to the course. It's the only way I'll ever pull for him again.

Sidenote: He could learn alot from Phil Mickelson. He signs all autographs, poses for photos, and even talks to the fans. Believe it or not, most golfers act like the fans are bothering them. At the first pro golf tournament I attended, Phil thanked me for being there.

Tiger signs no autographs and doesn't even look at the fans. I don't mind him ignoring me, but little kids. Come on.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is it just me?

Am I the only one who thinks that Carrie Prejean is a lousy role model for Christian women (and girls)?

I imagine the reasoning to the contrary goes something like this: I know her almost naked body is splashed all over television and she got breast implants so she could use her sexuality to become famous, but at least she claims to be a Christian conservative so we'll look the other way. On second thought, we'll forget by staring at her.