Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting Political . . . on second thought...

I have a lot of opinions. Most of them not about writing. (One of my dream jobs would be to have my own radio talk show. I know: So would everyone else right.) But I've been hesitant to get into certain topics here because I actually thought my novel would be published by now (positive thinking not arrogance) and I didn't want to alienate any future novel buyers.

It's just makes sense to me that if you're in certain lines of work, you probably shouldn't talk about politics because it could alienate customers, listeners, readers, viewers, etc. (i.e. I no longer watch Letterman for this very reason.)

But I wonder if I'm wrong about that. I would still read Koontz even if I disagreed with his politics. That is as long as his novels weren't just transparent conveyors of indoctrination. Letterman interjects his politics to the detriment of his jokes. If he didn't do that, I'd still watch.

I'm curious as to where most stand on this. Would you care? Would you be hesitant to buy a book from someone you disagreed with? What about someone who went really far like declaring all Christians stupid or openly campaigning for abortion?

I'm sure everyone has a limit. I surely wouldn't buy a novel ---even a great one--- from a Klan member. Where do you draw the line?


Kat Heckenbach said...

I would not let a person's political beliefs stop be from buying their books. I'm quite sure I'd disagree on a lot of things with my favorite authors if I actually knew their opinions on certain subjects.

Although, if an author was obnoxious--say ranting incessantly about a topic or name calling (like Richard Dawkins, Philip Pullman, etc.), or as you said, Klan members--that's a whole different story! But voicing an opinion now and then, no.

Nicole said...

For me it depends on how they express their opinions and, yes, if their politics infiltrate every comment they make and every story they write. Anymore the divide is widening and so worldview permeates the art of most folks.

Worldview is important to me or I wouldn't have one. Convictions mean something. I'm not going to waste my time reading a bunch of stuff with which I totally disagree. Not worth it. No matter how supposedly "well written".

Smileyfreak said...

I think it depends on the topic of the book. Does it deal with the author's personal beliefs? I think that would be okay,it is very refreshing to hear other people's point of view. However,if the author was insulting or dismissive of the reader's beliefs,that is a book I would not buy. Each to their own after all :)