Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last post - furtherized . . .

Thanks for the great comments on the last post everyone. I hate to admit it but . . . you too, Todd. Actually your comment beat me to the punch on the furtherization of my positation. And, Kay, there is certainly alot of room for overlap.

For instance, let's take a Third Day concert. Third Day considers themselves a ministry. But, . . . you have to buy the ticket. Personally, I have no problem with that because I equate it to passing the plate at church. Someone has to pay for the electricity, the water, the pastor's salary, etc.

They haven't to my knowledge declared themselves an evangelical outreach. With that said, happenstance evangelism does occur at Third Day concerts. (Probably more than all of Christian fiction combined.) In essence, evangelism is sold. But indirectly. This is kind of how I view publishing. I wrote my novel for everyone, but the reality is that since I'm pursuing publication through CBA, it will be read mostly by Christians. Christians who will be paying for it.

** The rest of this post was gonna be about the declaration of ministry that Todd covered in the comments of the last post. So we'll move onto something else.

This may be a little off the path, but I am a little perturbed by those who claim to be a ministry, be it in preaching, music, or writing, and then live a lavish lifestyle all the while basking in the glow of accolades for doing God's work. One particular musical artist lives in a mansion and routinely mentions his Porsche. One takes a private jet home after his concerts. All this while asking me to send $5 to a pet charity.

Kind of like a politician who wants credit for his "service" to his country. As though it's a sacrifice. Let's see, you get fame, glory, power, riches, and then we're supposed to serenade you with thanks for your "public service." Thank you Mr. politician for screwing the little guy, cheating on your wife with the intern, all while giving yourself a raise, full health benefits and a pension for life, lying and stealing all funded by the taxpayer. You truly are a hero.

Disclaimer: During the writing of this post, the author was suffering from low blood sugar and was thus subject to nonsensical ramblings.


Todd said...

I hate to split hairs ... well actually that's a lie, when it comes to discussing things with you Dale, I love a very fine hair split ... but, I digress ...

You went off topic a bit, but you hit a nerve by bringing up the ridiculously lavish lifestyles of some ... cough-P.T.L.-cough-Jessie Duplantis-cough ... "ministers". It is truly shameful and provides a handy stick with which non-believers can beat us over our collective head.

That being said, it is sometimes hard to judge a man's intent. I'm sure they fall into more than one category. Many ministers and elected officials probably start off sincere and then along the way get seduced by the dark side. Many get into ministry or politics precisely because of the potential of gaining power, wealth, and fame.

I do however like to think that at least a handful are doing the right things for the right reasons and that whatever power, money, or fame they acquire is very well deserved.

Also, for every big time politician or minister their are many ministers and public servants (and starving artists!) that labor on year after year in abject or relative obscurity. The shame of it is that these ministers, politicians, and artists are sometimes the ones doing the best work and making the most difference in peoples lives!

Nicole said...

Also just barely a short hair-splitting additive:

The band (Third Day) does do free concerts, perhaps more than any other Christian band today.

And an unfortunate note is that several of the charity-promoting bands get a kickback from the charity organizers for their promotion during concerts. Ugly.

Sometimes the word "ministry" gets redefined in the process. Yes, and twisted, manipulated, confused, etc. Much like the rest of God's word when someone wants to use it for their personal gain or aim.

Enjoyed your rambling.