Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Disturbing Trend . . .

It's bad enough that the American Left is hell bent on pushing God out of our country - lock, stock, and barrel. They don't care about fairness. Everything's fair game: revising history, school children who write essays about Jesus being their hero, even Christian charities which provide beneficial social services.

The media-entertainment and news- distorts, stereotypes, and maliciously impugns everything Christian. I could go on and on, citing examples, but you probably could too.

What's worse? A new breed of Christians are picking up the cause. This new Christian has decided that the stereotypical fundamentalist Bible Belt Christian represents the majority. But instead of trying to clear the misconceptions, they join the Left. I suppose they assume that if they prove to the Left that they are not representative of the maligned stereotype, that they will somehow be accepted. This is pure fantasy. It's divide and conquer. They will be next.


I have seen a small hint of this in author interviews. Some of them can't wait to distance themselves from stereotypes. The most common I see is the rush to tell the interviewer how much they love to drink. We all know the Bible does not prohibit drinking. It only prohibits getting drunk. So why the need to profess. My theory is that they are really saying: "Hey just because I'm a Christian author, please don't think I'm really one of "them". I'm cool. I drink and everything."


Nicole said...

The thing is it's okay to point out the flaws in humanity, but when the church cannibalizes the church, it's an affront to Jesus. There are ways to differentiate our "opinions" as to how the Gospel is conducted, but to select something as potentially divisive as alcohol and celebrate it as a "breaking free" from a stereotype, among other things, seems like a poor little hill to stand on--especially if the motive is to be "accepted" in/by the world.

Momstheword said...

I find that things that used to be immoral are no longer so. I do believe grace is much easier than legalism, but it has gone too far in some instances. You know, where "anything goes". A woman told me once that when she was out of her home town, she would have a drink with her meal in a restaurant, but, she didn't do that in her own town because someone might see her and be offended. My response was: if it's wrong here, then it's wrong there.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...


I believe in speaking out against prosperity preachers and word of faith preachers. Do you think that falls under the "cannabalization" you mentioned?


You're right on about the response to legalism. Legalism is definitely wrong, but the solution is not to go the opposite way where everything goes. The Bible speaks of not doing anything which hurts your witness.

Nicole said...

Dayle, criticism is legitimate. Certain things within certain areas of the church deserve intense scrutiny and very often change. After all, we're talking about people--all have flaws either in our interpretations or our conduct. However, to rip apart individuals within the body of Christ is counter-productive and to use the broad brush to paint the entire church as needing change is ludicrous. There are things people have written about "the church" which I have yet to encounter in my 30+ years of church attendance and ministry. Therefore, I find it rather obnoxious when "the church" as a whole is cited for these errors.

Also, the opposite of legalism isn't "tolerance". Tolerance is not synonymous with grace as so many seem to imply. Sin is still sin. I would agree with MTW that certain areas of sin have been "okayed" or tolerated now by the general public and some areas of the church, but the truth is it doesn't matter what concessions we might want to make for sin, it's still sin. However, there have been some Christians who applied the label of sin to things that might only be so for them in their lives.

Glynn said...

I think it was Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts who said this: The opposite of courage is not cowardice. The opposite of courage is conformity.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Too funny! Gotta love dogs.
new lurker.

Anonymous said...

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