Monday, April 20, 2009

Double taxation . . .

I just finished doing my taxes. No, wait, I did my taxes months ago. That's right - I just finished signing up for the CCWC writers conference. It actually felt the same. There were mailings and forms and deadlines and re-reading of instructions and I wasn't even sure they got the forms or if I filled them out right and not to mention . . . Wait . . . just got confirmation. I knew I did it right.

I've decided to take the long route to get there. Louisiana to Estes Park, Colorado via the Grand Canyon. 40hrs of driving.

I'm gonna hit 3 places I've always wanted to go. The Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, and The Rocky Mountain National Park.

I'm still worried about the attitude, I mean altitude, at Estes Park. 8,000 ft. I had enough trouble in Colorado Springs at 6,400 ft. Kids were pointing at me, adults were laughing at me. I even had to take breaks when I took the elevator. Keep in mind, I live 4ft below sea level. So if you go or see any pictures from the Conference, I'll be the guy in the background gasping for air.


Mark H. said...

You won't regret seeing any of those parks. I was just at the Grand Canyon last year--totally worth the trip to get there.

You could maybe take one of their mules with you to Colorado.

Kay Day said...

You should walk around with your mouth closed and one nostril plugged between now and then.

You'll do okay. Just drink a lot of water. Wear sunscreen.
You will have begun the acclimation process during you're long, round-about trip.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Maybe the mule could spell me and help out with the driving.

Kay, I tried what you suggested and passed out. Luckily, my dog unplugged my nostril and I came too. I'm thankful, but he did eat the rest of my fried catfish first.

Danica/Dream said...

Just drink lots and lots of water! Sounds like a fun trip. See you at CCWC! And thanks for the great tip for music for my daughter.