Thursday, April 30, 2009

The odd file . . .

At a Christian writer's conference I attended, a fellow conferee asked the editor panel when they thought Christian erotica would become acceptable. To his credit, the editor who fielded the question said "Never" and went on to give a really considerate, thorough answer to a question whose answer seemed obvious.

Of course, she wasn't satisfied and went on to give the obligatory arguments. Sex is a gift from God. He invented it. It's part of who we are as His creation. So what's the big deal?

While all of these statements are true, she ignored the concepts of inciting lust, temptation, and coveting. Yes, it's still coveting even if the covetee is a fictitious character. And, she used up 12 minutes of valuable editor panel time on a topic that helped no one else in attendance.

Need to vent Sidenote: I had the good fortune to have this person sit next to me at this editor panel session. Despite all the empty rows, she sat 2 seats from me and plopped all of her belongings on top of my soft-cover briefcase. When the hour was up, I stood up to leave but her belongings were still on my belongings. I gave the obligatory slight pull and said excuse me. She was looking my direction, but didn't remove her belongings. I had no choice but to lift her things and place them on the next chair so I could retrieve my stuff. Of course, you probably know what happened next. She gave me a disgusted look like I'm the one who was in the wrong.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bait and Switch . . .

Most of my acquaintances and friends are shocked when they first discover that I don't believe in evolution. Even when they all know I'm Christian.

The reason: Because these same people consider me one of the most brilliant people they know. Seriously. Go ahead, ask them . . . I told ya.

So successful have the evolutionists been, that to many, it seems impossible that any educated person could not believe it.

Usually, after the initial shock, they proceed to bring up a supposed aspect of evolution. This is normally when I have to stop them and inform them that they are actually talking about natural selection which does happen. They give me a perplexed look and I have to explain.

Similarly, I once asked my biology professor to give me his best example of evolution. He did. I then informed him that he gave me a great example of the alteration of physical traits of a specific species due to changes in the ecosystem of that particular species, but he did not give me an example of evolution.

He looked at me perplexed and said "Huh?"

That brilliant response almost threw me, but I managed to collect myself and explain to him that Darwin's book was called the Origin of Species, not the theory of the mechanism behind which physical traits are slightly altered.

In other words, the only thing evolutionists can prove is that certain species over time produce generations that are slightly taller, slightly recolored, have slightly shorter or longer appendages. It is, HOWEVER, the same species. If anyone believes they are different species, then they have to believe that me and Shaq are different species and that makes them a racist -- bammo -- I win the debate. It actually gets worse. According to the standard of what constitutes a species, then me and anyone of you with blond air are not the same species.

The pro-evols have almost completely succeeded at blurring the line between Micro and Macro evolution. They have convinced the masses that by proving natural selection, they have proven the invention of species through natural selection. NOT THE SAME THING.

There is no evidence whatsoever of a species being created through minute changes in the physical traits of a parent species. There are no transitional fossils detailing these minute changes---only huge leaps which are backfilled only by conjecture and false hope. Think about it. If it takes millions upon millions of years of minute changes for a one species to become another, then all of those minute changes should be seen in the fossil record. They are not. Even Darwin said, that without the eventual discovery of these transitional fossils, his theory falls apart.

Their tactic has become so successful, that many Christians have adapted the "God used evolution to create the earth as know it" theory. That way they can believe in creationism and prove they are intelligent because they believe in evolution at the same time. The problem with this line of thought is that it limits God. God doesn't need billions of years of a mechanism which bows to the natural laws He created to create the Earth as we see it. He can just do it. He's God. He transcends His own laws. Including time.

So cheer up Christians. Not believing in evolution does not mean you're ignorant. In fact, you can prove how intelligent you are by not falling for the bait and switch.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Gift From God. . . Really?

If I have a gift for writing (big IF), I'm not sure I can claim it's a gift from God. Let me explain:

I once had an "acquaintance" who was an okay singer. She wasn't great, but good. She once told me (after singing in church and getting the usual pats on the back ) that her singing was a gift from God.

I thought about that statement and responded differently than most people do. (not to her personally) My first reaction was Why? Why would God do that? It didn't make sense to me. If it were a gift from God, why wouldn't He have made her better? And this path of thinking usually goes on to say that God grants us all gifts. Like pastors who try to pass off cleaning the church as a gift. That's not a gift, that's a wonderful person who has a spirit of servanthood toward his/her God.

One thing many don't seem to realize is that every time you say something, you're also saying the opposite or the reverse inference. For instance, when Mrs. Okay Singer tells someone that her voice is a gift from God, she is also saying "God chose me over you. That's right, He chose to give me a gift that brings me personal glory and adulation and you the gift of cleaning my toilet." Furthermore, since she was also beautiful, she was also saying that God made me beautiful and talented and he chose not to do that for you.

Another problem with this thinking for me is that the secular world is full of talented people. Did Satan give them those gifts? If God is giving gifts in fields such as music, writing, art, etc, for the purpose of winning the lost, wouldn't Christians be leading all music sales and book sales and movie sales. Doesn't happen except for the occasional exception.

Here's what I think. Most of our so-called gifts -- we're born with. God is looking for a willing heart. If you're willing, no matter your level of talent or skills, He can use you and your abilities to move mountains or affect one life. Which is the same as moving a mountain.

One thing to remember is that we're not destined to win the world for Jesus. The Bible says that only a minority will choose to accept Christ.

Disclaimer: The girl in question cannot possibly be identified. I didn't give enough info. And, it might not be a girl.

Disclaimer 2: This is one of those things I don't have completely figured out. My thoughts on this are subject to change or amendment. If you think I'm wrong, please comment. I'd love to hear other thoughts on this.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Double taxation . . .

I just finished doing my taxes. No, wait, I did my taxes months ago. That's right - I just finished signing up for the CCWC writers conference. It actually felt the same. There were mailings and forms and deadlines and re-reading of instructions and I wasn't even sure they got the forms or if I filled them out right and not to mention . . . Wait . . . just got confirmation. I knew I did it right.

I've decided to take the long route to get there. Louisiana to Estes Park, Colorado via the Grand Canyon. 40hrs of driving.

I'm gonna hit 3 places I've always wanted to go. The Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, and The Rocky Mountain National Park.

I'm still worried about the attitude, I mean altitude, at Estes Park. 8,000 ft. I had enough trouble in Colorado Springs at 6,400 ft. Kids were pointing at me, adults were laughing at me. I even had to take breaks when I took the elevator. Keep in mind, I live 4ft below sea level. So if you go or see any pictures from the Conference, I'll be the guy in the background gasping for air.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm boycotting Burger King . . . that'll scare 'em

I've hated the new BK ads since day one. (By new I mean the series of ads over the last few years that have taken a severe departure from the tone of the ads I grew up with.)

I really hope these ads are not working. If they are, this does not bode well for the future of our society. The new SpongeBob ad is way over the line for me. What really amazes me is that the people in control of Spongebob would allow this. Hmmm, maybe I'll boycott them both.

The only problem is: I already don't eat Burger King or watch Spongebob.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

A couple of things . . .

I'm still waiting for my copy of Writer's Digest so I can see my story on the page.

Now I don't mind the wait, but the members of my writing group already got theirs last week. It's supposed to hit shelves today, but my local BAM still doesn't have them. The library carries it, but they still don't have it either.

I attended some really nice sessions at the Jubilee Writer's Conference at my local library today. I rarely hear something I haven't read on line before, but it's still good reinforcement. I am a little surprised when a fellow attendee is shocked to hear something that should be common knowledge to anyone seeking publication. Maybe it's just my nature. I've done so much research I could give most of these lectures myself -- which one day I hope to do. Looks like a lot of fun. I have to stop myself from running up there and grabbing the mic as it is.

And, finally, I'm a little upset about something. I just counted all the nuts in my can of Deluxe mixed nuts and contrary to the promise on the package --- it contained 51% peanuts. Excuse me, I need a minute to myself.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A blessing counted . . .

We are blessed to have a great library here in my home town of Houma, LA. Not only is the Terrebonne Parish Main Branch big and beautiful (the picture doesn't do it justice), but they put on a lot of great events. (It's so good, people don't want to leave -- there's a cemetery right behind it.)

For example, last year I attended a performance by a virtuoso classical guitarist for free before he went off to Carnegie Hall.

This week is the annual Jubilee Writer's Conference. The cost: $25. In attendance: well known authors such as Heather Graham, F. Paul Wilson, (Louisiana's own) Deborah Leblanc and many others.

On a different note, next month, I'll be heading to Estes Park Colorado for the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference. I'm sure you want to send me a check to help me pay for the expenses, so send me an e-mail and I'll give you my address.