Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Theater curse . . .

I went to see Indiana Jones Monday. During the coming attractions, someone hit me in the head twice with what I assume were small pieces of candy. Without thinking I turned around and said to the dark forms behind me, loud enough for everyone to hear: "Whoever's throwing things better quit." Of course a hush fell over the crowd. . . . The throwing stopped.

Side note: Really good movie. And, something happened that I've never witnessed before. At the end of the movie, the audience applauded. Strange.

A couple of years ago, I went to see Spiderman 2, (terrible movie). I went during the day several weeks after the movie released to avoid the crowds. Four punks sat behind me and in the span of about one minute, although conveniently seeming accidental and followed by an apology, kicked the back of my chair four times. After the fifth time, I'd had enough and informed them that it better not happen again. They didn't kick my chair again, but they talked the whole time. Three people answered their phone and had a brief conversation.

I went to see Dekker's Three (pretty good movie). I traveled two hours to Baton Rouge to find a theater showing it. To my luck and Dekker's dismay, there were only five people in the theater. Of course, the curse struck again. Sitting in the same aisle as I, in a mostly empty theater, a mentally disturbed looking woman proceeded to answer her cell phone and engage in a twenty minute conversation at a volume required given the fact that the rest of us rudely refused to ask the manager to pause the movie. ( sidenote: I didn't say anything to her given her mentally disturbed look.)

I could go on and on, but it is clear that the dark forces of the universe are aligned against me and my quest to occasionally attend a movie.


Mark H. said...

I'm seeing Indiana Jones this weekend. Can't wait.

It is amazing how so many people seem to be unable to behave in a movie theater. This must be why home theater systems have flourished over the last few years.

BTW, if you thought Spiderman 2 was bad, avoid 3 at all costs. Talk about a train wreck.

Kay said...

I happened to really like Spiderman 3, but I didn't see 2.
3 had great themes of forgiveness and redemption.

Anyway, once my sis and I and a friend sat in front of a guy who was not quite right and he kept kicking our seats and yelling at us. We told the usher and he was escorted out. Other than babies crying, thats the only bad experience I have had.

You can always include that in a book. some poor character who can never sit through an entire movie for some reason or another.

Nicole said...

I once fainted at a movie. Weird. My head fell back and I was making these choking sounds. My girlfriend was amazed. I guess the people behind us were annoyed. Hey, I pinched a nerve or something weird when I crossed my legs, and the pain was excruciating. What can I say? Other than I'm glad you weren't there, Dayle. :) (I doubt you were even born yet.)