Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My life will now be Stephen King free . . .

At least when it comes to buying his books. I may read them, but I'll never give him a dime. (not that a multi-millionaire cares.) And, I'm proud to say, that I've never purchased a King book, and now, I never will.

Why? Yesterday, (I assume), King pulled a John Kerry - suggesting that our troops are in the military because they can't read and didn't do well enough in school. Well, that would be news to all the troops who requested books - including King's - to be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. I even sent a couple of his novels that someone donated.

The fact is our troops actually test higher than the national average. They are not dumb slobs who couldn't cut it in the real world. Dummies can't operate military equipment or perform complex operations with the precision that they do.

Now, I'll admit that maybe I'm being too hard on King. Maybe he's referring to the few Americans who did join for the chance at a paid education and a small paycheck because they didn't do well in school. (by the way, what's wrong with that?) But he didn't say that. If that's what he meant, he should have qualified his statement. And even if it were true, keep it to yourself until our troops come home.

I wonder if he's even met a solder or taken the time to visit Walter Reed. I don't know, but I'd guess probably not. He's too busy living his dream life under the very protection that our troops provide.

It's well established that King is on the extreme left. In one interview, he was railing against the Bush adm. for taking away his rights by illegal wire-tapping. When the fact is, the policy only allows for wire-tapping Americans who are receiving calls from known terrorists. In other words, the govt. is monitoring terrorists and when the terrorists call an American, they no longer have to hang up. They're not listening to you talk to your agent or check up on your money, S.K. They don't have the time. Now I don't hold it against King for being a leftist. That's his prerogative. But he crosses the line when he insults our troops.

I don't own a King book, but if I did, I would have probably thrown it away (among other actions I won't mention) this morning when I heard his comment. Maybe I'll buy a used one at a garage sale just so I can . . . Never mind.

What do you think? Am I overreacting?


Winter said...

Far from it.

I never read the guy before, books were too creepy for me, but he was a good writer.

But now! The man could be mud (or something worse smelling) under my husband's combat boots for all I care right now. Why doesn't he come right up to my husband and a few other soldiers I know personally who have Master degrees or higher and they're in the Army and tell them they're stupid. He'd probably get clocked or worse, maybe they'll show him just what real torture is.

Ignorance doesn't become someone of such high profile. And that's what most of these rich liberals are, stupid and ignorant.

I better stop before I blow my top.

Mark H. said...

Sounds like a pretty stupid comment...but let's see if he offers a sincere apology first. Honest repentance deserves honest forgiveness, especially from us Christians. After all, we've all said stupid stuff before.

But if he is unapologetic...well, have at it.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

You're right, Mark. But I don't expect to hear one.

I have always looked past his other outrageous comments. I don't usually keep track of such things, but sometimes they cross the line.

Jerry Pat Bolton said...

I read him for a long time . . . Quit many years ago when I finally understood that every story was the same as the last with location and name changes . . . He had a formula like so many (Patterson, etc.) do and it works . . . Tragic thing is, when he wants to the guy can really write . . . i.e., "The Shawshank Redemption." Still, he blew it with me with his idiotic statement . . .

Kay said...

I'm not a fan. But one thing those military folks are fighting for is the right to free speech. Even if people want to say stupid things, they have the right to.

I think saying something like that just makes him look ignorant. Speaking off the cuff about something he really knows nothing about.

But of course you also have the right to say what you will about his statement and to boycott him if you like.

I wouldn't react that strongly because I already don't give his opinions any credence. The same way I felt about Kerry. Some people I just kind of expect to say stupid stuff.

Nicole said...

No over-reaction from my POV. I'm glad now that I borrowed On Writing instead of bought it.

Kay's right, though. Ignorance is a key factor from the elitist left who think they're smarter than those who die to keep them free--or in their place: Jesus Christ.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Shawshank is one of my all-time favorite movies, Jerry. I'll read something of his one day, but I won't buy it new.

You will notice, Kay, that I didn't say he should be arrested or that he should shut up. I'm only responding in the manner as you laid out.

Nicole, Koontz's How to Write Best Selling Fiction is far superior.

Momstheword said...

What about Mrs. Obama's comment that "I made something of myself even though I grew up in a small town in Kansas." Wonder what that says about Kansans?

Don't care for his horror books and movies. Surely he doesn't write without thinking first.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Mtw, I haven't heard that comment before.

You'd think the more apropros thing to say would be "I owe alot of my success to growing up in a small town in Kansas."

She's definitely not a politician.