Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A More Personal Memorial Day . . .

I don't have much time, but I wanted to share this.

I met a woman from Korea today. The topic of her native country came up and I just happen to know a fair amount about Korea (primarily the war). So after a brief conversation, she mentioned her hope that one day North and South K would become one again and the topic of the war came up.

So I mentioned my uncle who had fought in Korea. After I shared what I knew of his experience there, she asked me how she could get in touch with him. She wanted to thank him for fighting for her country and for giving her and her family their freedom.

Unfortunately, my uncle died a couple of years ago.

I've heard stories of this gratitude before. Several years ago, another Korean veteran who had traveled back there a couple of times since the war told me that as soon as anyone would find out that he fought in the war, they would thank him.

I say if you're planning a trip to Paris - go to Seoul instead.


Janet Rubin said...

That's really cool. There was an old veteran in our local parade, riding in a car with a banner that said, "The Korean War. The forgotten war." (or something close to that.) Not totally forgotten though, huh? Maybe just in America..

Nicole said...

This is the point, isn't it, Dayle? Not only have our veterans fought to keep us free, they have fought and died to set others free.

When do we ever hear from the general media how grateful the Iraqi people are even in spite of the insurgents creating calamity and loss of civilian lives? But they have expressed their gratitude to be out from under the despotic rule of Hussein over and over again.