Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Maybe I'm out of touch . . .

. . . at least as far as pop culture goes.

I finally got around to watching 300 and ,well, I don't get it. This movie is mediocre at best. I found the pacing very slow and the action sparse. With that said, millions of people flocked to the theaters to watch it. So it's gotta be me, right?

Maybe so. I didn't like Gladiator either. It was better than 300, but it still didn't match the hype. I also didn't like Russell Crowe's performance. But apparently everyone else did. He actually won an oscar for that wooden performance. Really. An Oscar.

I also don't like Jack Black. He's not funny and he can't act. I also don't like Steve Carell. Same reason. Don't get me wrong. These guys are okay, but they're mediocre at best. I know, I know - they're laughing all the way to the bank. Same thing goes for Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell. (disclaimer: when I say "I don't like . . ." I don't mean personally)

Will Ferrell is a little different because I thought he was great on Saturday Night Live and he's definitely talented. But he is not funny on the big screen.

Speaking of Ferrell, I finally saw Elf - Mediocre at best. Yet, it's a huge hit.

So maybe I am out of touch with the world. Hey wait a minute, I kinda like that. In fact, I'm starting to feel good about this. I haven't seen any of the American pie movies,or the Friday movies, or the Saw movies. I don't like anything on MTV. I don't like Jerry Springer, reality shows, rap videos, soap operas, prime time soap operas, and any show with the word "Model" in the title.

Yes, I am starting to feel good about this.


Nicole said...

I thought "300" was perhaps the worst and stupidest movie I've ever seen, and that's saying something. The portrayal of Xerxes was despicable. Truly an inferior piece of work. My husband wanted to see it so we watched it on video one evening on our Oregon coast trip. Even he thought it was ridiculous.

I love Russell Crowe. Will Ferrell is the same character in every movie he's ever made as are most of the actors you've named. Talent? Not for the big screen.

Ditto on all those films and TV shows you listed in your final paragraph, but I know you like the Simpsons (cartoon, not Jessica and her sister), and it disgusts me even from the commercials which is all I've ever watched of it.

donna fleisher said...

Sometimes when we're out of touch with how everyone else is living, that's when we're really living.

: )

Kay said...

I agree with you about Gladiator. I was disappointed. I haven't even had the desire to see 300.

I don't agree with you about some of the other actors. But what this shows is that you have your own unique taste. You know what you like and you aren't going to pretend just to fit in.
I'm the same way. I don't like a lot of the popular things and I'm not ashamed to say so!
And there are way more popular things where I don't have an opinion at all because I am totally clueless!

By the way, come to my blog because I have tagged you. Like it or not.

Mark H. said...

Well, the important thing here is that we think for ourselves and make our own decisions, instead of parroting what somebody else says.

I agree with you on your last paragraph, as well as Jack Black. Vaughn and Ferrell--sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they don't. I do like Steve Carell quite a bit, though, and you know I like Crowe (and loved Gladiator).

So, there's no accounting for taste. When you're dealing with a subject that basically is all about opinions, you'll never get a consensus anyway.