Sunday, January 20, 2008

Implausibility . . .

One thing I hate is implausibility.

Sure I didn't mind when Bo and Luke sailed through the air in the General Lee, tearing up the front end when they landed, only to arrive at their destination a few seconds later with a freshly washed and unscratched car -- I was 9.

But last week I watched the first episode of the Terminator series. Two points:

How can a super android be such a bad shot? and Couches can't stop bullets.


Todd said...

I find myself in the unpalatable position of having to be in complete agreement with you. I tried to watch it, and really wanted to like it, but about fifteen minutes into it had to give up. That was HORRIBLE.

How did the terimators go from the ruthless efficiency of the Arnold model to being comparable to the villains in one of the Home Alone movies?

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

It's not as bleak as it seems, Todd. Think about this - Hitler and Churchill both agreed that Paris was a beautiful city.

The reason the movies worked was because the Terminator was mistake proof. That made the action sequences even more suspenseful because the writers had to come up with ways for the good guys to escape the perfect killer.

I must admit that I don't have your will power. I couldn't quit watching because ... well ... let's just say that the actress playing Sarah Conner has a certain ... um . . . appeal.

Mark H. said...

I noticed the things you mentioned as well. The super android is a bad shot because...if he weren't, it'd be a very short TV series. And I thought I caught a stray comment about Kevlar in the couch, which brings a host of new implausibility questions.

In all seriousness, though, I know what you're getting at. For some reason, I can turn my brain off during action shows. It goes with the genre, I guess. But you're right, it's so much better when they respect your intelligence.

Kay said...

my dad's couch stopped a bullet. I guess. He was cleaning his gun and shot the couch. Thank God my mom wasn't sitting in her usual spot. She wasn't even home. He can't find the bullet, though.

He's been handling guns since he was 12 or something. Just goes to show... something.
Always treat a gun like it's loaded. That's what.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

You're right Kay,

It's not impossible. But it does depend on the type of gun you're using. For example, if you shoot a .22 and hit the 1x6 support surrounded by all the cushions, it can stop that bullet. And some of the older couches that have heavy 2 inch hardwood can stop a bullet.

But the firepower the terminator had would go through any couch. especially since he peppered it. And it was a very light wieght couch.

Also, most bullets go through walls and doors. Most walls are only made of drywall. Drywall can't stop any bullet.

Winter Peck said...

When the cops were in the house they commented that there was a bullet proof vest in the couch. That's why they didn't go through.

I was like you, there was no way it stopped those bullets. But if I were Sarah Conner knowing what I did about them, I'd have kevlar in everything in my home.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Well, I feel a little better,

But, that leads to another implausibility. Where does she get the money to buy kevlar vests?

They are 600 to 800 dollars each.