Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's okay to give up . . .

Isn't that what Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino are teaching with their example.

How can they convince their college players (students) not to give up in the face of adversity? I wouldn't want my son playing for either one of these quitters.

"Hey coach, I don't think I can do it," demoralized player said.
"You want to succeed? It takes hard work and commitment. Now, you get out there do your job. Your teammates are counting on you," Coach Saban or Petrino said.
"Why? You quit your job. You didn't work harder or follow through on your commitment. So why should I?"

I know this is a little off the norm for this blog, but this is a good reminder of what reveals character. It's easy to handle success. Saban and Petrino get A's there, but most of us would. But true character is revealed in how one handles adversity. Personally, I give them both an F.


Mark Harbeson said...

I am rooting firmly against both Alabama and Arkansas now. I can't believe these guys are allowed to weasel their way out of their contracts like this. Miami still hasn't recovered.

Nicole said...

I know. I know. But you guys have to admit the clauses in contracts these days are mystical with all kinds of outlets for athletes and their coaches.

(And I have to go easier on him [Bobby Petrino] because he's my distant cousin, okay?)

donna fleisher said...

It's not just about quitting, but they way they quit. And the flat out lying.

BTW: Mr. Michigan Man at LSU is saying, "I will not leave LSU." Wanna bet that two minutes after the national championship game he'll be singing a different tune?

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Mark, I feel the same way about rooting for those programs. But, as Nicole suggests - resigning is part of the contract rights.

But, as Donna said It's the way they did it. And for me, the worst part is the reasons they did it. They lost a few games. They hit a pothole in their perfect lives and their response -- bail.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Oh, one more thing. That's exactly what I've been telling people, Donna.

After Les Miles said I'm the coach at LSU. I'm going to be the coach at LSU, the headlines the next day read "Miles says he stay at LSU next year."

I had to tell everyone "That's not what he said."