Friday, December 14, 2007

Another note on The Mist . . .

I thought I was going crazy. During one scene a firetruck passed by. On the door it read "Caddo Parish Fire . . ." It couldn't be. Caddo Parish is in Louisiana. The movie is set in Maine.

Well, sure enough. I wasn't seeing things. The movie was filmed in Caddo Parish. (near Shreveport).

I guessed they figured only people from Louisiana would notice, but it wouldn't have taken much to put a magnetic sign over the Caddo Parish part.

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Nicole said...

There's always talk in the publishing circles about respecting your readers. Someone should've clued this group of filmmakers into respecting their viewers. Of course if that was the case, 90% of the movies made today wouldn't be in existence. Too bad you wasted your time and money.

I'm thinkin' of the time my husband, son, and I walked out of a highly acclaimed and favorably reviewed film after only 15 minutes. It was vile and filthy, and normally we would've had a clue. Not this time. We wasted the money but, fortunately, not too much time. However, the images were hard to shake.