Sunday, February 17, 2008

Apprehensive worship . . .

The following song was played several times during the 07 ACFW conference. I couldn't bring myself to sing along. In fact, I felt very uncomfortable just standing there listening to it.

The lyrics come across as a little self-important to me. Who are we to demand what Jesus is thinking or feeling? I have to assume the lyrics are based on scripture, so I'd like to give the author the benefit of the doubt.

Can anyone help me with this one?

Jesus, here I am your favorite one,
what are you thinking, what are you feeling, I have to know
And I am after your heart,
I'm after your heart,
I'm after you
And I'll crown you with my love


Kaci said...

Hey. I'm the random girl who occasionally comments on Decompose. I'm branching out. 0=) Stranger still, I was at that '07 conference. We could have sat at the same table and never know. hehe.

Anyway. They played it the year before as well, and I had the same issue. The verse is quite pretty, but my only association with the "I'm your favorite!" assertion is my dad and his two brothers writing it on my grandmother's birthday cards as a joke. Beyond that, it seems...inappropriate.

Todd said...

I understand your point and I have seen a certain implied arrogance among certain Christians at times, especially among the "Word of Faith" crowd, however I don't interpret this song in that way. I am not familiar with the song, but I think I understand what the writer is trying to say. If I desire to have His heart and see things as He sees them, then first "I have to know" how He views things. That line seems to be more of an internal drive to know than a demand to know.

Personally though, I would have written the first line differently. Maybe, "here I am a favored one", since I do believe I have found favor with God - as many have. That would indicate our status with God rather than our status relative to each other and not sound so braggadocios.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

You can branch here anytime, Kaci. I think I do remember you from the conference. Weren't you the one who borrowed that 40 bucks from me and said you'd mail it when you get home?

I'll e-mail you my address.

Todd. That's a good start. You're finally making a positive contribution to society. You make a good point. But what about the second line and the last line. I know the second line fits your theory, but like I said, it seems rather demanding.

I'm assuming the last line is biblical, but I can't find it. How can I crown Jesus with anything?

Todd said...

Of course we are unable to crown our Lord with anything. That has no scriptural basis.

What I believe the writer is trying to say is that he is making Jesus the Lord of his life, giving Jesus his crown, out of the love he has for Him.

Of course that is not what he ended up saying! Giving up your crown and crowning someone are two very different concepts.

I don't believe any heresy was intended, it is just poorly written. Unfortunately there is a lot of theological and musical sloppiness in much of today's worship music.

Or, perhaps I just give people too much of the benefit of a doubt. It could just be indefensible heresy written by someone under the influence of a teacher who is in error.

Nicole said...

I've never heard this worship song, and, personally, the first and last lines are, well . . . not good. Doubt if I could sing them.

The middle lines are fine, referring, I assume, to having/desiring the mind of Christ, and "as the dear pants (or panteth, KJV fans) after the water, so my heart 'pants/panteth' after you".

Janet Rubin said...

Todd, everytime I see your pic, I want to offer you an Excederin:) (it's a cool pic though.) Good insight on the song.

Dayle, you and I talked about this song before. I was there singing it both years. The first year, it really freaked me out. the Bible DOES say God doesn't have favorites. So who am I to claim that title? The second year, I found a way to think about it that worked okay for me. As the Bride, all of us together are His favorite one. I can sing it if I am singing as part of the body.
Still, I'd have never written it that way!

Kay said...

I have a problem with the first and last lines. The rest I am ok with.
I frequently ask God to show me His heart. Show me how He sees things. But with a bit more humility than comes across in the song. The song sounds a bit demanding.
Overall, I'd say I don't really like it.

Anonymous said...

the original version of the song, at least the one we sing at our church, does not have that last line, the version I have goes on to say
I want to be free from everything that keeps me from loving you

it also says whatever it takes, take it all away.

The song is about relationship with the Bridegroom. It is not about being the favorite, it's about passionately crying out to God.