Friday, November 30, 2007

Any book but the Bible . . .

We've all heard the scenario: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one book, which would it be? Of course, most people say the Bible.

But let's put a twist on it. If you could only give one novel and one non-fiction book (excluding the Bible - Let's assume they have it.) to someone who's stranded on a deserted island, which would they be and why?

Here's mine:

Non-fiction: The Case for Christ by Lee Stroebel. One of the best books I've ever read. A comprehensive, very readable look at what Christians believe, the evidence for Christ's existence, the evidence for the validity of the Bible, expert and scholarly refutation of Christ's greatest detractors.

sidenote: I had a very similar idea for a book before 'TCFC' was published. I'm glad Lee wrote this one. It's far better than anything I would have done.

Fiction: Demon - A Memoir by Tosca Lee. One of the best novels I've ever read. Demon is not only entertaining, it is the clearest, most cohesive, and understandable telling of "our story" I've seen in novel form.


Janet Rubin said...

I always cheat at this game:) I'll bring two fictions instead of a fiction and a non. And I insist on two compilations: The Complete Harry Potter series and the Complete works of Shakespear. That should keep me busy for a while. And if someone strip-searched me to see if I was smuggling a third, they'd find the complete works of C.S. Lewis...

Janet Rubin said...

Okay, if you absolutely INSISTED that I follow the rules... I think that maybe I'd bring The Ragamuffin Gospel and To Kill a Mockingbird. Maybe.

Janet Rubin said...

Oh, oh, wait, I meant to say I'd definately want my fiction to be a Dayle Arceneaux work:)

Kay said...

Well, it depends on whether the person I am sending it to is a Christian or not.
I have not read The Case for Christ, but if it was a non-believer, I would send that, because I've heard how good it is. And the fiction I would send would be The Chronicles of Narnia.

If it were a believer, I would send Believing God by Beth Moore, (because who wouldn't need a faith boost on a desert island?)and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. That could occupy some time and be delved into for further meaning.

Janet Rubin said...

Oh dear, I read the post too fast. The books aren't for me? They are for someone else stranded on the island? Well, then I'll send my MY novel aaaaannnnndddd some really good book on survival:)

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Thanks for the laugh, Janet.

Yeah, you were cheating big time until you said "A Dayle Arceneaux work" But that's funny too, because there's only one.

You can't do compilations. :)

I didn't even think about the book on survival.

That's a good point, Kay. I was going to say "The Case for Faith" if it was a believer, but really, The Case For Christ is a must read for Christians as well.

For the record, I think Shakespeare is unbelievably overrated. Notice I didn't say it was bad, just overrated.

Tosca said...

Thanks, Dayle! Ironically, I have just conspired with a friend to get a copy of Demon into Lee Stroebel's hands just last week. Hope he'll read it. :)

You know, I am getting really terrified that the next book will be a let down after Demon! I do anticipate that some of my male readers might be less interested in Eve's story, but I'm going to aim for something more gender-inclusive in book #3. :)

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Tosca, if you're unsure here's what you do. Go to the Writing for the Soul conference in Colorado Springs next year (January). Lee's the keynote speaker.

And if you haven't been there - It's fantastic. Better than ACFW (no offense to them).

As far as a letdown goes, I wouldn't worry about it. As long as there's not a GQ guy or a woman in a wedding dress on the cover your male Demon readers will read it.

Tosca said...

LOL! I've been to the Broadmoore conference--and hope to get back one of these days soon (my mother lives near CO Springs and loves it when her kids are in town :).

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

I'd go every year if I could afford it.

Last year, it doubled as a vacation for me. Dallas couldn't do that. Colorado is beautiful.

Everyday I took a break from the conference and went sight-seeing. I love to hike and the garden of the gods was gorgeous. I couldn't live there though. Too dry for me.

Kay said...

Dayle, have you been to the conference in Estes Park? I would like to know how they compare.

As beautiful as Co Springs is, Estes Park is Breath-taking. I am hoping to attend that one this next spring.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

No, I haven't been to Estes Park. I'd love to go just for the scenery.

I will say that Writing for the Soul is the best of the two I've been to. And, If I had to pick one to go to yearly, it would be that one.

It's really first class all the way around. You get three editor appointments and you get to stay at the Broadmoor for a reduced price.