Thursday, October 4, 2007

Posting my work . . .

I have long pondered the pros and cons of posting samples of my writing on-line.

The cons: someone might steal my brilliant idea, my opening line, or my title, turn it into a best seller, become a superstar, and then when I threaten to sue - put out a hit on me thus forcing me to live the rest of my life wearing silly disguises and moving from town to town doing odd jobs to support myself.

While doing these odd jobs, I would change people's lives a la "Highway to Heaven". Reports of my exploits would gain me enough notoriety to inspire Tom Hanks to write and star in the movie depicting the true story of my life. But since, I have to remain anonymous, I would receive no compensation and Tom Hanks would just get richer.

The pros: I might get some reader feedback.

Nicole Petrino-Salter of Hope of Glory has invited me to participate in her Saturday Sample feature on her blog. I will be posting chapter 1 of my completed manuscript. Please take a moment to visit her site, look around, maybe read some of the other author samples and leave some feedback. Writers do appreciate feedback. Even the negative.


Nicole said...

I hope your blog readers will tune in on Saturday to read your stuff. It's intriguing and well written.

Mike Duran said...

I'll definitely drop by and take a look, Dayle.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Thanks for the kind words, Nicole.

I hope you enjoy it, Mike. Btw, I've been wanting to read some of your stuff. I guess your trying to get me to finally buy a copy of Relief.