Sunday, October 21, 2007

A New Reason to be Proud . . .

In 1991, I decided that Louisiana would not be my home much longer. Why?
Because in 1991, The three leading men in the Louisiana governor's race were Edwin Edwards (local political icon, Clintonesque, smooth talker, known womanizer, and generally accepted to be crooked and corrupt--he is currently in prison), David Duke (ex-grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan), and Buddy Roemer (a flawed but fairly honest and decent man).
Of the three, Roemer came in third. There was a run-off between Edwards and Duke. To defend the voters of Louisiana, I must say that Duke did not run as a racist, he ran mainly on welfare reform and other populist issues. But it saddened me that my fellow Louisianians would vote for a former KKK grand wizard.
So, in 1991, me and many of my conservative friends, held our noses and voted for Democrat Edwin Edwards. We didn't care what Duke said, we were not going to vote for a nazi-racist.
Saturday, Republican Bobby Jindal was elected Governor. His real name is Piyush Jindal. He is the son of Indian migrants and the first minority elected governor since Reconstruction when (believe it or not) Louisiana had a black governor--a Republican named P. B. S. Pinchback.
I voted for Jindal four years ago when he narrowly lost to Blanco, who I blame for the Katrina fiasco. Believe me if Jindal were governor during that crisis, the outcome would have been far different.
So, we went from the state that almost had a KKK governor to the state that elected a minority-because he was the best person for the job. And, that's a reason to be proud.


Mark Harbeson said...

That's encouraging. My state used to do that, but in recent years has slanted decidedly to the left. We even elected a new attorney general who had no experience in prosecuting crimes whatsoever. His qualifications? He is the son of the current state Senator.

Nicole said...

That is refreshing news for La.

According to the libs, La. was supposed to be the perfect Democratic utopia. Right? With Blanco and the Mayor of New Orleans, everything should've gone perfectly with Katrina. Democrats in control of the state and city--rescue efforts and clean up should've been exceptionally well-organized and perfectly executed. In fact, it shouldn't have happened to NO because of all the federal money they received to protect the "dikes". Right? Oh, yeah, that got pocketed--er, used for something else.

I hope this man is able to accomplish the long-need cleanup for the state where corruption has been king and everybody's packin'--and I don't mean suitcases.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

I must say that our recent governors have been good in the corruption department.

Blanco, while incredibly incompetent and clueless hasn't been involved in any scandals.

Mike Foster, the two term Republican before her was the most popular governor in the country and was squeaky clean.

But, Jindal is a little more pro-active when it comes to the image of Louisiana. As he says, perception is reality.

Jerry Pat Bolton said...

I believe Booby should be Bobby in the first paragraph . . . I voted for him in the first race also . . .

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Thanks, Jerry. I just corrected it.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

Maybe ya'll can help me.

Should this line from the second to last paragraph read:

...Blanco, whom I blame for the Katrina fiasco.

Jennifer L. Griffith said...


I did not realize this election had taken place. Praise God.

I, too, was totally, completely, entirely (get the picture) disgusted with our state in the Duke/Edwards election. I swore I'd NEVER vote for Edwards...ever, ever, ever. Well, I could NOT vote for a racist. And I could not "not vote". I almost threw up when I pulled the lever for EE.

Praise God for Bobby Jindal election. He appears to be a GOOD man. May God surround him with honest people whose goals are worthy of the leadership position. May God protect him from the temptations that come with power. May he serve You, Lord Jesus in this difficult position.

Clean out the corruption, Lord Jesus. Purify and convict the hearts of all so that it leads to repentance and salvation, in Spirit and in Truth.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

I think he is a good man, Jennifer. He talks about his faith often.

He is extremely intelligent, organized, and a brilliant speaker.

My only concern four years ago was his age, but he's 34 now.

My prediction: Watch out for him on the national scene. He is a rising star in the Republican party.

btw, He will be on Fox News Sunday this weekend. You might want to check him out.