Monday, October 15, 2007

The Best Christian novel I've read so far . . .

Demon - A Memoir by Tosca Lee.

Truly Brilliant. Not to mention well written, enlightening, engrossing, entertaining, en . . . well you get the idea. I am stunned that the publisher chose not to release it in hardcover.

In my opinion, ( and ironically ) Demon is the new Gold standard of Christian fiction.

Novelist Eric Wilson said it best:

Tosca Lee uses wonderful sensory details and similes to add texture to this story, drawing us into a world that is beyond our own eyes, yet right before us. Even readers who don't believe in the biblical elements of this tale will have a difficult time not being coaxed into this struggle of intellects. This is not an action novel, yet it moves along nicely. While strong in its theological angles, "Demon" never pounds the reader over the head with doctrine. It does, however, give some razor-sharp commentary on religion, church, and the American pursuit of happiness. Lee pulls it all together in the end with subtle yet powerful ideas, which a few reviewers seem to have missed inexplicably--"Were you paying attention at all?" Lucian might ask.

There will be comparisons. ( to C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters and Rice's Interview with the Vampire) They are inevitable. But Tosca Lee avoids many of the pitfalls that present themselves with such a book, instead offering a tale that feels fresh, yet older than time. Years from now, we may find other books being compared to this one.


Kristin said...

Dayle, I could not agree more with your assessment of this fine work by Ms. Lee. Simply amazing. Let's hope the word keeps spreading, this work will impact lives for eternity.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

I think you're right about this book impacting lives, Kristin.

Lee's extraordinary ability to communicate "our story" without pounding it over the reader's head is what sets this work apart.

The spiritual history of our existence is often glossed over by Christians mainly because of our lack of knowledge and immediate pertinence of that knowledge.

Most Christians concentrate on the reality of Jesus' presence in their lives. Rightly so. But many in the secular world want to see the structure of our faith without being preached at.

If you know someone like that - buy them this book.