Friday, September 14, 2007

Just wondering . . .

Is anyone gonna buy the O.J. book?

I predict a flop.

update: I just checked's bestseller list. It's # 1.


donna fleisher said...

I'd rather just send the Goldman's a check for 17 cents. I'll even be generous and double it to 34 cents. (I heard 17 cents was the royalty amount they'll be collecting on each book.) Though, their reasons for wanting to see the book released are noble. Even if it flops, at least the truth will be told.

And hey! Let's hope OJ doesn't spit in the face of justice with this latest lawbreaking adventure!

Actually, I have no opinion on the matter whatsoever.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

I'm a little torn on the issue, myself. At first, I said good the Goldman's will finally get their money. Better yet, O.J. won't. (actually, I could be wrong. But I think he already got the advance.)

But, he still gets to thumb his nose at justice and the victims one more time. And get more face time on T.V.

It's sick.

Nicole's sister didn't want the book released. At the moment, I agree with her.