Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finally home . . .

I just got back from Dallas where I attended the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. More on that in the next couple of days.

I had intended on posting from the conference, but the Marriott was the first hotel I have ever been to that charges for internet connection. $10 a day. That is sick. I refused to pay that much on Principle.

Now, before you accuse me of being a cheapskate - - Keep in mind: This is not a cheap hotel. I have stayed at economical hotels in the smokies that had free wireless in the room. The Marriott only had it in the lobby and you had to pay.

Scratch the Marriotts off of my list of hotel destinations. You felt that? That was the trembling of Marriott executives.


Anonymous said...

I did feel that. And I bet they are trembling a wee bit -- off ACFW goes to Minnesota next year. Hmmm ... maybe I'll save my pennies and finally make it to one of these shindigs. ; )

And $10 wireless? Well, that explains the relative silence from ACFW goers on their blogs, posting updates, silence on the loop, etc. Oh well. Such is life. The rich keep on getting richer.

Looking forward to hearing how it all went for ya.

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

A little more detail.

They had ethernet connections in the room. $10 a day. They had a web TV device - $10 a day.

They did not have a pool computer. Where guests could look up local attractions, check e-mail, or use mapquest. Every other hotel I've stayed at does.

Donna, I think you'd love it. You could even sell your books, CD series, and editing service in the book store.

Janet Rubin said...

In our room, we found that using a hairdryer will using other appliances caused us to blow a fuse. We had to call maintenance 4 times to get us powered back up!
Charging for internet-- just taking advantage of our addictions!