Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Separation of Church & State? - I Agree.

I often surprise my non-Christian friends when I inform them that I agree with them: There should be separation of Church and State.

What I don't believe in is separation of Christ and State. I don't say God & State because then you have the whole generic god argument. But when you say Christ and State, the Judeo-Christian God -- the real God, is implied. Jesus said when you see Him, you see the Father. So, case closed.

I don't want a theocracy where you're told what to believe or how to worship. One of the tenants of Christianity is freewill. In a Christian state, which I believe the United States used to be and was set up as, each individual is free to make their own choice and cannot be subject to unfair coercion or prejudice.

I find it hard to believe that most atheists are offended by prayer. Really? If I pray for your child's safety in the high school football game, who cares if you don't share my faith in Christ. Would you rather I didn't care about your son so much that I don't bother to ask my God to protect him.

Personally, I would never ask someone not to pray for me. Be it a Muslim, Jew, whatever. I would thank them.

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