Friday, June 1, 2007

Jesus: Politically Correct?

After September 11th, a peculiar thing happened -- Jesus became vogue. At least for a little while.

Franklin Graham was allowed to preach on the morning talk shows, not just discuss the situation in a spiritual manner. Quite the contrary. He was given carte blanche and did he ever use it. He practically gave an altar call every time he was on the air. The same shows that days before would have shunned anyone for bringing up religion, now sat back and embraced it. Or did they?

Then I remembered that the same thing happened with Columbine. Before the shootings, Jesus couldn't get past the crossing guard at most schools, but after the shooting he was welcomed with open arms and given the VIP treatment.

Immediately after every tragedy, pastors and evangelists point to the good that will come out of it. And when it comes to the people involved, they're right. Who can forget the impact of Cassie Bernall. With one word, she did more than some do in a lifetime of preaching.

I would like to believe that those in the anti-Christian media, periodically come to their senses and stand on the cusp of opening their heart to Christ, or at least to the idea of Christ. But I'm afraid the truth is less inspirational.

Typically, political correctness works in their favor, but in times of tragedy they have to look down the barrel of their own weapon. But they don't panic. Although they may squirm in their seats for a little while, they know all they have to do is be patient and Jesus will revert back to his politically incorrect form.

At least until the next tragedy strikes.

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